Quality Is Our Goal...From Start To Finish

Each survey is pre-tested by our trained staff

Full briefings and practice interviews are conducted prior to your survey startup. Before the actual interview begins, all respondents are re-screened by our supervisors to ensure all client qualifications have been met.

Ongoing monitoring and validations maintain our high quality field staff

Upon passing an initial screening process, our interviewers undergo extensive training while supervisors also receive in-depth training to monitor each shift of interviewers. Ongoing instructional workshops are held to review procedures and techniques. Each interviewers’ and supervisors’ performance are closely scrutinized to address areas of improvement and provide regular feedback. We observe and listen carefully to interviews in progress to ensure the process meets our stringent guidelines. In addition, at least 15% of each interviewer’s work is monitored and validated.

The interviewer’s ability is paramount to the study

We ensure that each interviewer assigned to an onsite study has extensive experience with face-to-face interviewing. Detailed instructions are supplied to every supervisor and interviewer. When interviewing at the onsite locations, our interviewers are always professional and courteous - we understand the importance of professionalism when dealing with our clients' customers.