Using best-in-class technology from one of the world's leading providers of feedback and research solutions (ISO 27001 Certified), all of our data collection services are offered on Windows® based laptops or 5G/LTE enabled Android® mobile devices.

Web-Based Research

By creating powerful online surveys and analyzing data in real-time, we can offer panel based research, “recruit to web” surveys, as well as complete on-site interviews - anywhere, anytime. With a network of panel providers across Canada and the United States we can provide the most suitable group of panelists to best meet your study's needs.

Telephone Recruit To Web

Our “recruit to web interview” starts by recruiting the respondents by telephone, using either random or list samples, enabling respondents to complete the interview on-line at home or work. Recruit to web is a flexible mechanism that garners great results especially since it has the ability show respondents a visual concept to impact feedback.

Panel Based Surveys

We are able to offer hands-on management and programming for all your panel based survey needs. Whether you need us to aquire panelists or want us to incorporate your own panel respondents into the project, our data collection system allows us to seamlessly gather and deliver the results from your target audience.

Customer / Employee Feedback

Through email, text message or physical invitation handouts we can invite your customers or employees to complete a web survey. Reminder emails and/or text messages are sent out to maximize returns. Respondents can be uniquely identified to enable merging of external data into one final file.

Quali / Quant

In partnership with our network of recruiters we're able to recruit qualified respondents to any of our available mall locations, another central location in your required markets or to specialized facilities that your particular study may need.

We are able to recruit both large and small groups to participate in a variety of quali / quant scenarios, including concept and/or product taste testing at a central facility and take home product tests with multiple follow-up interviews conducted either by telephone, web or in-person.

Face-To-Face Solutions

Onsite Interviewing

Through our mobile device interviewing methods, we can now provide our clients with real-time data in a fully labeled SPSS file or other data format at a moments notice.

Mall Intercepts

We have access to a variety of malls across Canada and the continental United States.

Mall locations are equipped for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) and Internet access. In addition, we have the tools to offer web-based interviewing to speed-up mall interviewing timelines and provide study data in real-time. Password protected marginal reports, open-end verbatim and custom reports can be accessed directly.

At all of our mall locations, we are able to conduct interviewer administered or self-completed interviews which can also be enhanced with visual concepts, audio ads and video commercials.

Data Processing

For clients who require this service, we offer in-house custom programming, full data processing, cross tabulations and file conversions. Our data specialists have over 20 years experience in market research data tabulations.

Marketing research-style cross tabulations are produced in a variety of optional formats with tables supplied as bound hard copy or as an electronic file in Word or Excel. Many of our clients request finished tables to be emailed directly to them.

For clients preferring to conduct their own analysis, fully-documented, clean data files are provided in almost any single-punch format desired.

Since CATI / CAPI and tabulations are fully integrated into one software system, topline marginals can be produced at any point during the study. Daily status reports and marginal data information are provided accurately and on time whenever required.